Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doc McStuffins Debuts On Disney Jr.

 In the vast world of television and film, African American parents are constantly looking for positive images for their children.  Now there is a new television show that they can watch. Last Friday, Disney Jr.  introduced a new African American character Doc McStuffins. in a new animated series that models good health, hygiene, compassion and nurturing for kids ages two to seven.  My little nieces ages 3 and 5 are interested in watching this new series, and I will probably watch with them.  Although ethnicity will probably not be mentioned in the show, African American children will see someone who not only looks like them and their family but  also has an important message for young people.   Little girls and even little boys will now have a caring and compassionate character who is also very knowledgeable. The creator, Chris Nee sees the series as an opportunity to introduce children to health issues and foster a positive attitude toward visits to the doctor.  Young children and parents can watch Doc McStuffins weekday mornings at 10am/9c on the Disney Channel and  4 pm on the new Disney Junior Channel.

 The voice cast features Kiara Muhammad as Doc; and Loretta Devine as Hallie. China Anne McClain who is the star of Disney Channel’s hit series “A.N.T. Farm” and a Hollywood Records recording artist sings Doc McStuffins' theme song. The show has been described as “warm and fuzzy stories, each featuring an original song, which introduces a little girl named Doc who can talk to the stuffed animal and toy world — and they talk to her too, especially when they need her help repairing a stitch or bandaging a “boo-boo”.  Along the way, Doc and her friends Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly impart helpful tips about self care and care for others, and chase away the worries over visiting the doctor.” will also debut a Doc McStuffins supersite featuring an interactive clinic where kids can assist Doc in nurturing toys back to health, including three new online games and Doc McStuffins-themed crafts.

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