Friday, October 26, 2012

Alicia Keys Launches New App for Kids

As a new mother, singer Alicia Keys watched TV shows and DVDs for children with her two year old son, Egypt, and was inspired to launch a storytelling app for kids.  “I was just getting introduced to TV shows and the DVDs and all the things you start kind of introducing your kids to, and I thought how cool it would be to be a part of something that really allows them to hear music from different places, different cultures, different sounds. That’s what we’re able to do with this,” explained the star.

“Alicia Keys gives kids a snippet of her life to enjoy with her new app called “The Journals of of Mama Mae and Lee Lee.” The app is loosely based on Alicia’s experiences as a little girl living in New York City and having her grandmother as confidant. The interactive app is centered in LeeLee’s bedroom. It allows users to read books, play music and write in a journal. She has also produced the music for the new app.  “  The app has been released today for $3.99.

Keys is launching the app through her company AK Worldwide, and Bento Box Interactive.
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