Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging about Parenting with Streotypes

 There are all kinds of parenting styles, check out The Black Snob's response to a Times article by Amy Chua explaining why Chinese parents are so successful.  Chua's description of Chinese parenting seems harsh and extreme, but my feeling is that this is partly a lot of hype to promote her new book, which is coming out soon.  However, this article has ignited a lot of response on the net, and I think Danielle Belton. aka The Black Snob adds some interesting points to the dialogue see

What bothers me about Chua's article is that it feeds "the grass is greener syndrome," which pervades our society.  This has us believe there is some group, person or celebrity that has it all together and we should be emulating them. What is success?   Defining what is success can be very personal and subjective.   I don't think there is one group on this planet who has been blessed with all the answers.  I believe we all bring a piece to the pie, like a puzzle we have our separate shapes that help to make a whole pie.

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