Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Souls of My Young Sisters

Growing up I found inspiration from my mother, her friends and family who would tell us stories around the kitchen table while we cooked, ate, or got our hair done. These were stories of success and overcoming the odds. She also had books of inspiration that spoke of never giving up and holding on to your dream. There were a myriad of motivational books by authors like Napoleon Hill,  Norman Vincent Peale and many others. I spent a lot of time listening and reading these stories and I think this helped give me that optimism that has carried me through difficult times. 
Reading the stories of Souls of My Young Sisters reminded me that young people today also need to hear stories that inspire and encourage them. In this anthology young women "tell their true stories, sharing their private pain in the hopes that it will inspire other women during difficult times."  This book written and edited by Dawn Marie and Candace Sandy brings together the experience of  sixty  contributors who share their experiences, faith and encouragement.  I think we all know a few young women who can benefit from these stories of faith and healing. This is a nice gift to give a young lady to start the New Year. Visit their website http://www.soulsofmysisters.com/books/.

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