Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Comic Book Day

Last weekend we missed  Black Comic Book Day celebrated in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia Los Angeles and New York.  Fortunately, some good things have come out of this event.   The organizers of the event are now working to make their work more accessible to readers at venues across the country.  Comic books will be displayed at bookstores, museums  and black comic conventions this year. 

Jerry Craft, the creator of Mamas Boyz,  explains the positive role comic books have on young people,  “The only reason I, and most of my friends, read regularly was because of comic books, I still remember the excitement of running to the corner store and seeing the new issue of Spider-Man waiting for me. Reading comics helped build our vocabularies. Playing games pretending to be the Silver Surfer or the Incredible Hulk stimulated our imaginations,”  Who knew there are so many writers and artists creating super heroes and characters for African American youth.  Check out his website for more information

Here are a few special events:
Reggie Hudlin, writer for Marvel Comics will  be appearing today at the Golden Apple Comic February 23 from 6-9 pm. in Los Angeles to promote his Black Panther series, now on DVD

Kids Comic Con will be celebrated in New York city on April 16 so make a note and check out for details.

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