Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Using Words that Empower Our Children

Maya Angelou in her interview on Oprah's Master Class explains how her mother's words empowered her.  After feeling rejection as a small child from her parents, she realized her mother was much better at relating to her as a young adult.  She said her mother's words gave her permission to be great.  Her mother would tell her she was wonderful and going to do something great.  Those words resounded with her throughout her life.

Give the children you know the gift of words.  Words that empower...

forthright      reasonable    loving     insightful    energetic  
uplifting     forthright     reasonable     loving     insightful                  
energetic        uplifting     honest        trusting         friendly                         
right on       deferential        positive         useful           observant   
sympathetic     aware     neat       cool         delightful        empathetic             
inspiring     zealous    clever         reliable       open        astute
funny        optimistic     free       organized  careful    honest           

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