Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raising a Prodigy

Five year old, Mabou Loiseau lives with her family in Queens, NY but spends a large part of her day studying with tutors. In fact her parents spend about $1,500 a week for her lessons in French, Russian, music, dance and more. The proud parents who homeschool Mabou recently found out that she scored in the 99th percentile on the city test for gifted and talented schools. Mabou's dad works 16 hours a day as a parking attendant in Manhattan to pay for everything, and the Loiseaus have also started hosting other students for classes at their house.  Although her regimen may seem extreme, little Mabou seems to be thriving, and enjoys learning new languages.  Her mother, Esther Loiseau explains it this way, "I make sure I leave enough time for her to play," she said. "All she knows is learning. What becomes fun for someone is what they know." This young prodigy is learning seven languages. six musical instruments, two types of dance and two sports. Hopefully, little Mabou will not over whelmed by this regimen and will still be able to enjoy her childhood. Social interaction with her peers is also an important part of her development. Balance is always important in parenting but her parents should be acknowledged for instilling a love of learning in their young daughter. Read more about Mabou.

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