Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ruby Bridges visits with the President and her portrait

Ruby Bridges visited the White House to see how a painting commemorating her personal and historic milestone looks hanging on the wall outside of the Oval Office. American Artist Norman Rockwell was criticized by some when this painting first appeared on the cover of Look magazine on January 14,1964; now the iconic portrait will be on display throughout the summer of 2011 in one of the most exalted locations in the country.

Sometimes we forget the important role children played in the Civil Rights Movement. Young children had to stand up to crowds of hateful people, march under frightening circumstances, get hosed with water and much more. Today young people need to hear their story. Ruby Bridges' story personifies the courage and resolve that carried these children through those historic times. Here Ruby talks about her early years while visiting the White House. There are also several picture books that tell the story of young Ruby's year of being the only child in class when the schools in Louisiana were integrated.

In Through My Eyes, Ruby Bridges recounts her experience as a young girl in her own words. 


While The Story of Ruby Bridges is a wonderful retelling of her story by Robert Coles and illustrated by George Ford.  Both books are a great introduction to an important period in American history for young people.

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