Friday, August 9, 2013

Ethnic Edibles

Heather McCartney is the designer and founder of Ethnic Edibles®, the
Africa-inspired cookie cutter set, and Coquí Cookies™, the Puerto Rico-inspired cookie cutter set. Her captivation with the decorative and tribal arts of African culture, and the indigenous history of the Taíno led to her desire to replicate them and share them in a fun and educational way.  Heather made her first journey to Africa in 1997.  It was in South Africa that she learned more about the tribal arts of the Ndebele and Zulu nations.  Eager to share her enthusiasm with others, she baked a batch of gingerbread cookies with facial scarifications based upon the many masks and dolls she admired. The unique cultural cookies captured the attention of families, educators, bakers and retailers, and they were soon in demand. This interest propelled her to learn more about traditional symbols of African culture and soon after Ethnic Edibles was born!  To get a set of the cookie cutters visit her website.

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