Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Doc McStuffins Mobile is Coming to Town!

Disney Jr is hitting the road with the Doc Mobile, a free family event focused on healthy living and well being.   Little ones can bring in their toys for a checkup and learn the ABCs of good health.  As an added treat they can meet members of  The Artemis Medical Society, real live physicians and women of color who will participate in this event.  The Artemis Society was formed by twelve physicians who saw the Doc McStuffins television series as a reflection of themselves and a positive role model for young children. Since then their organization has grown to almost 3,000 women of color representing 39 states. Now part of their aim is to inspire young people to pursue careers in medicine.

As Dr. Myiesha Taylor, Artemis Medical Society co-founder and president explains “As a physician and mother, I’m grateful to Disney Junior for creating meaningful programming,  We credit Doc McStuffins with sparking a movement, now we are organized for a greater purpose and vision.  Artemis is setting the ground work for a more diverse physician workforce.  We want people to know Doc can be on the small or big screen, and she can also be in your communities.”

Catch them in San Antonio, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington, Phoenex and Los Angeles for a complete schedule  visit their website.

The television series, Doc McStuffins has been renewed for a second season starting in September.

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